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Growing a garden is the best way to save money on groceries.  The quality of food is better for you and will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.  Plant a garden today and you will have food for months. 

Sometimes the weather makes it hard for plants to survive, but with a greenhouse kit you can maintain the environment that is perfect for plants and they will grow stronger and healthier. 

Greenhouse Kits, Where's the Money Saved

How will you survive when you have no money?  How will you pay for food to eat to keep your strength up and stay healthy?  How will you continue to eat and feed your family with the high cost of food.  These are questions people ponder everyday and some take it for granted that they will not have to worry about these things.

If you are like most people you don't like to think about these things and put them in the back of your mind.  We need to think about what we do, how we do it, and is it benefitting us and the world.  

We are always looking for work or ways to make money to survive.  Money helps pay for the things we need to survive, but is there an easier way.  Is there really a way we can have the things we need, save money and stay healthy?  The answer to that question is yes.  There is a way and the simpliest of ways is the most overlooked.  

Work at home and I don't mean just start a business from home.  You can provide for you and your family if you do some simple planning.  Simple basic things we need is shelter, food, clothing, health and exercise.  So how do we get these necessities without it costing us everything we make?  

According to the United States Department of Labor, we spend money in 14 different areas of our life; Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Housing, Utilities, Household Supplies, Clothing, Transportation, Healthcare, Entertainment, Personal Care Products and Services, Reading, Education, Tobacco Products, Miscellaneous, and Cash Contributions.

Most people know that meats, fish, poultry and eggs are the most expensive of our food purchases today.  However, did you know that fruits and vegetables are the second highest costing food that we purchase in the grocery store today?  Below is a table that will tell you the cost of food for each age group, the types of food cost for each age group and the medical cost for each age group.


AGE                         25-34 years          34-44 years         45-54 years           55-64 years            65 & older
after Taxe                 $58,225.00           $74,136.00           $76,266.00            $66,611.00               $40,626.00

Expenditures           $46,617.00           $55,946.00           $57,788.00           $50,900.00               $36,802.00

Food Cost                   $6,091.00             $7,483.00             $7,230.00             $6,068.00                 $4,558.00
Meat Cost                      $713.00                $896.00                $966.00                $792.00                     $660.00
Fruits/Veggies              $614.00                $787.00                $819.00                $692.00                     $577.00

Fresh Fruit                     $210.00                $273.00                $274.00                 $243.00                    $199.00
Fresh Veggies               $190.00                $233.00                 $251.00                $218.00                    $184.00
Canned Fruit                  $102.00                $134.00                $134.00                 $112.00                      $96.00
Canned Veggie              $113.00                $146.00                $159.00                 $119.00                      $97.00

Health Care                 $1,800.00             $2,583.00             $3,261.00               $3,859.00                $4,843.00
Services                         $443.00                $681.00                 $879.00                  $943.00                   $795.00
Medicines                      $200.00                $340.00                 $497.00                  $665.00                   $805.00
Supplies                           $71.00                $109.00                 $137.00                  $142.00                   $158.00

Source: Consumer Expenditure Survey, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September, 2011

When your looking for a healthier lifestyle and trying to save money, the clear answer is a garden greenhouse.  When you plant your own food, you know what your getting and your getting what you want and need.  Your getting the daily required amount of exercise needed to stay healthy and your getting the fresh food needed to eat healthy so your body can take of yourself instead of the doctors and medicine.  Thus, you are saving and cutting back on your expenditures.

When it comes time to cut back on expenses, where do you think most people say they will cut back.  Many people really don't think it through and then answer with "they can cut back on their food," but this is not always an option or the best option.  Many say it and they don't do it.  Many don't realize the consequences when they do it.

Lets look at what you are really cutting back on if you do cut out the food.  When you cut out or cut back on the proper food you need to eat so you get your necessary supply of vitamins and nutrients, your really cutting back on how you are taking care of yourself.  When you stop taking care of yourself properly then you get sicker and start having to go to the doctor more often and then have to purchase and start taking medicines.  So all you really did was replace the good food for medicine.  Medicine cost is more than food cost.  Now you have increased your expenditures instead of decreasing them.

Therefore, when we look at what we are really cutting back on and the benefits we will find that a totally different result was found from what our goal was.  There wasn't a benefit, but there was an increase in the cost of taking care of ourselves.  This caused our expenditures to increase unknowingly.  What happened in reality was we replaced good fresh nutritional food and exercise for doctors and medicine.  

As we continue with this way of thinking and living we find that as we age it cost us more to take care of ourselves and we say the cost of living has increased.  Why is this we ask ourselves.  Well our bodies will become more dependent on the medicines and in effect start tearing down our bodies natural defense system and make us unable to heal ourselves and get back into a healthier way of living.  Therefore, the medical services and needs cost more than the foods we should be eating.  Refer to the above chart for cost of medical expenditures and food expenditures.

If you had a garden, you would have food and get the exercise needed to stay healthy. You would have a survival plan in action that can't fail. The easy solution until you look at the new weather patterns was to go outside and plant a garden. With the weather becoming more and more unpredictable everyday it makes it harder to have a garden. With all the storms and strange weather patterns there is also an increase in a variety of insects that are taking over the gardens. Purchasing a greenhouse kit is the best answer for that. They protect the young plants and greenhouses kits are affordable for every lifestyle. A greenhouse that will provide a controlled environment for your garden and allow it to flourish all year.

You can clearly see as we age the cost of taking care of ourselves increases.  So then we need to ask ourselves is it the cost of living, the cost of taking care of ourselves that's increasing or is it the economy and inflation.

Depending on who and what reference you are using the answers will change on this.  

CPI Calculator
When you look at the inflation calculator that uses the average consumer price index as a reference you will see it is the inflation of items.  For example:  In 1980 we had $500.00 to spend from our income, in 2012 that is equal to $1,381.45.  The power of spending is the same; what cost $500.00 in 1980 will cost $1,381.45 in 2012.  Therefore, inflation has increased more than our incomes.

Government Income Census
In this reference; in 1980 it shows the average person had a median income of $46,306.00 and was lower than what the average person's median income in 2001 was, which was $53.934.00.   Therefore, our income has increased along with the cost of living.

Thus, you can not compare the two equally since the variables are different.  They both show an increase, but not a matched increased.  However, you can compare the cost of items in the same year with the different age groups and see the difference, where the increase and decreases are.  You can see the difference of what we eat and the lifestyle of the healthy and unhealthy.

A greenhouse will take care of your plants, you can grow earlier, longer, all year round.  Just imagine the savings at the grocery store by having your own garden and not having to buy these items from the store now.  The savings in gas, because you don't have to drive to the grocery store everytime you want something to eat.  And the savings with medical cost, because you will have less visits to the doctor, less spending on medicines and medical supplies.

How will you survive if you have no money, the answer is simple.  Purchase your greenhouse kit today and start your garden so you have a supply of food.  It is a one-time investment for the hoop greenhouse, house greenhouse, cold frames or several other greenhouses kits that will pay for itself over and over again.  They are easy to maintain and as your plants grow and produce your self-esteem and self-worth will improve.

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