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About Us

Our Mission:

Help provide a better future for all generations, present and future.  We do this by offering products that are safe, affordable, economical, environmentally friendly and lead to a healthier lifestyle for all involved.  We want to help stop the food shortage in the world by making it possible for people to afford a greenhouse that will allow plants to grow year round and start living the healthier lifestyle.  The exercise and eating fresh foods from the garden is the best place to start to achieve this healthy way of life.

Our Company:

Whitley & Griffin Enterprises, Inc., is a versatile business that offers gardening greenhouses, greenhouse accessories and composters to the public.   SaleGreenHouse.com has a greenhouse for everyone.  If your looking to start a business or have a successful garden in your backyard then we are the people your looking for.  When your looking to buy your greenhouse supply items, we have conveniently located them here to save you time and money.  We carry brand name's such as Rhino Portable Greenhouses and Earthcare products as well as our hoop greenhouse kits.  Every greenhouse is for sale and designed for quick and easy set up making it possible so anyone can do it now.  We strive to keep our prices competitive and affordable for anyone to purchase a greenhouse.  Our greenhouses for sale are made of high quality material and carry a warranty.  We also offer you a 30 day return policy. 

Here at Whitley & Griffin Enterprises, Inc., salegreenhouse.com, you can be assured we are not robots, but are real live people just like you and working for you.  Your best interest is the heart of the matter to us.  We like to look at you as an investor in your lifestyle and way of living, your not just a customer.  With tight budgets everywhere, we found a way to give you the cheap greenhouse price while still offering quality made greenhouses kits using quality material.  You are important to us and we would like for you to join our family of growers.   When your greenhouse gardens produce quality plants for you then we smile with you.

The best greenhouse offers a controlled environment for your plants so they thrive all year-round.  There are basically two different structural types to choose from.  There are also many benefits that come with a greenhouse.  We offer both styles, the freestanding or the attached, also called a lean to greenhouse.  A freestanding greenhouse is one you can place anywhere.  An attached greenhouse is limited to where you can place it because you need to put it next to your home or another building.  The hoop greenhouse is the same as a round style house and these greenhouse structures have been around for many years and work will for a variety of uses.  A greenhouse offers a big advantage for success to any garden, big or small, or can be used for starting a business.  Ideally, the greenhouse should receive full winter sun, and it's longest side should face south.

Salegreenhouse.com is here for you

We are committed to prompt service, meeting our customer's wants and needs, and providing high quality merchandise that you can trust.  We carry house kits for sale from every style like greenhouses, composters and tillers and cultivators at competitive prices. You'll find a great selection of unique greenhouses you won't find at your local store.  We have greenhouses kits that are perfect for every lifestyle today.

Just as each greenhouse is important to us, so is each order we receive. We know that you don't want to concern yourself with the hassles of shopping and looking for the the best sale - you just want to enjoy that perfect product. That's why we treat every purchase as a priority. We believe in providing service that matches the high quality of our greenhouses. 

We are always adding to our inventory and doing research on a regular basis so you will have the best greenhouse with the cheap greenhouse price available for you.  We keep you in the front of our minds always.

Your satisfaction is our top priority here at SaleGreenHouse.com, so please Contact Us with any requests or other concerns and we promise to respond promptly. We encourage you to send in customer feedback about your experience with our site and our greenhouses. Please send us any requests you have, so we can continue to carry the products you are looking for.

Thank you for visiting us and shopping at SaleGreenHouse.com. 

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