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  1. Do you have health issues?  Are you tired of taking so many prescription pills everyday?  Do you want to save money?  Would you like to make money and help others get their body back to a healthy state?  Do your plants need help?  Are your plants dying or dehydrated?  Click here to check out our video's and information if you never heard of Kangen Water. 

    If you answered yes to any of these questions or know someone then this Kangen Water Event is for you and them.

    I would like to share the opportunity for you to meet and listen to some experts about Kangen Water.  We have an event in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 8-9, 2016.  People are talking about Kangen Water and now you can taste it and see how it is made.  Learn from real experts about this miracle water.  You will walk away with a wealth of information.  

    Special Guest Speakers:

    Tamia Colon 6A8-4
    Roy Ruben Serrano 6A3-2
    Shan Stratton Nutrition Expert to Star Athletes
    Don Prosser Enagic Presidential Master Trainer
    Dr. Horst Filtzer Vascular Surgeon MD & Enagic's Medical Advisor
    Bill Powers 6A Stage 4 Cancer Survivor and Motivational Speaker From Texas
    Lynn Gardner 6A  Motivational Speaker From Virginia
    Rich Vosler Life and Business Coach

    $99 for Distributors
    $175 for Couples
    $25 for Guest
    No tickets sold at the door

    Hyatt Place Raleigh West Hotel
    710 Corporate Center Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27607

    Here is the link to order your tickets: https://www.enagicwebsystem.com/events/display.php…

    I'll see you there!!!!   Let me know if you are going so I can look for you or I can help answer any questions.
  2. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes I had to learn how to eat better and with disabilities how to continue to get enough exercise to help my body stay in shape.

    It really is not easy to get control of a disease and start an exercise routine along with the daily struggles of everyday life. It is to exhausting for many with serious health issues to maintain the same standards as a person without limitations. So I started looking at how to incorporate my everyday necessary living routine into a daily exercise routine so I could live a healthier lifestyle.

    The biggest and best idea was having a garden. Having a garden gave me the exercise I needed and the fresh foods I needed to eat. I also stayed away from putting any poisons on the plants and let them grow naturally. Going more organically with my garden helped me even more to get control of my health conditions.

    Then I saw the results from my changed way of life and it was amazing. Then I thought about all the other people that are handicapped and in wheelchairs. Somethings may be beyond out control with health issues and somethings we can learn to control. I have learned that a person in a wheelchair can also take care of a garden, has to be a greenhouse garden, and it improved their mental state and as well as their health.

    Feeling needed or accomplishing something is important to a person's self esteem and will effect their health. As the handicapped people worked in the garden and saw the plants grow they became proud of what they had accomplished. They had their very own live plant that they took care of and got it to grow. Then when they saw food from the plants it encouraged them more and they wanted to do more with their gardens.

    I encourage everyone to plant a garden for health and to help handicapped or wheelchair bound people to get involved with gardening.

    If you would like to checkout my story or some of my information on the benefits of greenhouse gardening here are some links:

    Living A Healthier Lifestyle With Health Issues

    Gardens Needed

    Wheelchair Garden

    If you have any suggestions or idea's that would help others start and live a healthier idea please let me know.

  3. Brenda Haas has been the administrator of #gardenchat since 10/2010.  Brenda brings us lots of experience with growing, harvesting and perserving her own food.  She also photographs garden events, industry shows, as well as her own gardening experience. 

    So what is #gardenchat?

    Garden chat is open to everyone who enjoys making the world a better place by sharing the love of gardening. Gardenchat is a Twitter based chat forum where garden enthusiasts from all walks of life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing.  GardenChat Website Link

    Each week #gardenchat shares a new garden related topic  in a Question & Answer format created to help participants to learn while sharing garden information with gardeners from around the world.  Garden Chat is unique because of  the dedicated garden centers, events organizers and product providers who partner with them from across the country to host the #gardenchat community live during many Monday night Twitter chat events.  Planting seeds online creates success in #gardenchat participants garden at home.

    You can be a gardening host also.  Are you interested in guest hosting to share a gardening topic? Do you have a product for gardening you’d like to have featured on our community? If so then contact Bren of BGgarden.com

    BWS tips button
    Join us on Monday nights at 9pm - 10pm ET on Twitter.

    How gardenchat connects:  during the week leading up to the #gardenchat event a topic is networked on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the official #gardenchat site.

    Questions are submitted for the guest host that will be answered during the event. Everyone attending the chat are encouraged to share their experience and ask questions. A transcript is saved after each Monday event that can be viewed on the transcript page as well as a PDF that can be downloaded for future reference. Documentation of the topic is a great way to keep the garden experience alive and available for anyone at their convenience.

    How You Participate in #gardenchat:  If you have a Twitter account all you have to do is enter #gardenchat in the search box located on the HOME page of your account at Twitter.com. You will begin to see what the garden world on twitter is sharing. Participants will have to refresh the Twitter URL often to see what others are adding in real time to the conversation.

    To participate you may also use a third party application like tweetchat.com, Twubs.com just to name a few.  GardenChat recommends Tweetdeck,com because they are owned by Twitter. There are dozens of different tools designed to make Tweeting easy for you. * Please note that the use of the alternative applications does not always ensure an optimal networking experience. Always refer to your Twitter account for accurate networking on #gardenchat.

    You can also view all the #gardenchat videos on YouTube. com.  Just click the link and you will find a playlist of all the video's so you can watch any of them at your convenience.

    Enjoy the garden chat.

  4. Hi everyone, 

    We had some difficulties with our blog page and believe we have fixed it now.  Now anybody can leave their comments on a blog post.

    To leave a comment,
    1.  click "view entire article"
    2.  click "leave a comment"
    3.  enter in your information
    4.  leave your comment

    Thank you to all our customers and friends that have encouraged us to start this blog for gardeners

    We look forward to your comments.
  5. I'm so excited that my cousins have started doing hydroponics planting this year.  They are experimenting with it and plan to do it in the greenhouse once they get the system down pat.

    Here is a picture of the first young plants beginning to sprout:

    first sprouts of young hydroponics plants

  6. Do you plant in your greenhouse in the spring and summer months?  Many people seem to think they only need a greenhouse for the winter months.  Greenhouses offer many options for you besides just growing your plants in the winter time.  It's a great place to start your seedlings and to keep your young plants so they will be protected from wildlife and insects that thrive on these on young plants.  You want to make sure your plants have a good strong root system before you expose them to the outside elements.

    Always start your seedlings a month or two before you want to plant them in the outside garden.  This gives the seeds time to form good roots as well as a good base stem.  Start your fall plants in your greenhouse during the summer months so they will be ready for your garden in the fall.  Then while your fall garden is growing you are ready to start your winter garden inside your greenhouse.  Do you see the pattern of always having plants ready to grow?

    What system do you use to have plants all year?
  7. If your anything like me you'll want fresh vegetables from your garden all year.  I plant a Spring Garden and a Fall Garden and this gives me plenty of veggies to store for the winter months.  It still doesn't replace the fresh veggies that I enjoy eating right out of the garden.  Sometimes I plant in the greenhouse with my cousins during the winter months and this gives me the fresh produce and other times I have to purchase them from the store.

    This year we are experimenting with hydroponics and just planted some watermelon, peas and beans.  We used 3 small kiddie pools and put 2 trays of plants in each pool.  Each tray will hold up to 250 plants each so we are excited to see how this works.  We used the powder miracle grow and put it in the water to give the roots the nutrients they need.

    With doing these trays this way we should have 1,500 plants ready to plant in the ground within 2 months.  That's a lot of plants so we should be ready for the watermelon festival.  Hope you can come join us. 

    If this goes well then we will have 2 sets of shelves in the greenhouse to grow more plants during the winter. 

    I'll keep you posted on the progress.

    Have a great gardening day
  8. Let's start sharing some articles with everyone.

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