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Hoop & Round Greenhouses Kits | Rhino Portable Greenhouses

Hoop Greenhouses Are Very Versatile And Make An Excellent Investment

These portable plant house kits are easy to assembly with everything already pre-measured for you to the exact cut needed and also pre-drilled.  They are complete bolt together green house kits so you can have an instant greenhouse and start your gardening.  The frames are made from galvanized steel for durability, long lasting and no need to worry about rusting.  You can purchase greenhouse shelves to put your plants on or you can till up the ground soil and plant your garden in the ground all within the controlled environment of the hoop greenhouses.  Hoop Greenhouses make excellent backyard garden greenhouses as well as plant nurseries. 

7x15 Replacement Hoop Greenhouse Cover7x15 Replacement Hoop Greenhouse Cover7x15 hoop greenhouse cover with 6 ventilation windows.  Polyethylene cover, fits earthcare 7 x 15 greenhouse kit. 
7'x10' Hoop House Greenhouse Kit7'x10' Hoop House Greenhouse Kit7x10 portable hoop house kit with two windows midway on each side Steel frame and Polyethylene Cover with windows Lightweight and Portable Sets up Quick and Easy
7'x15' Portable Hoop Green House7'x15' Portable Hoop Green House7x15 hoop house greenhouse kit Polyethylene Material PE reinforced Roll up Zippered Front Door Lightweight and easily portable Includes Six (6) Ventilated Screen Windows Extends growing season
Rhino 12'x20'x08 Round Hoop GreenhouseRhino 12'x20'x08 Round Hoop GreenhouseHeavy Duty Steel 12'x20'x08' Frame, pre-drilled and pre-cut, drive-thru capabilities, fabric cover weighted 10oz Shipping Charges vary according to shipping address.
Rhino 12'x24'x08' Round Hoop GreenhouseRhino 12'x24'x08' Round Hoop GreenhouseHeavy Duty All Steel Frame is 12'x24'x08', fabric weighted at 10 oz, drive-thru capabilities, Very easy to assemble with quick connect wrench tool included. Shipping Charges vary according to shipping address.
Rhino 14'x24'x10' Round Hoop GreenhouseRhino 14'x24'x10' Round Hoop GreenhouseComplete Steel Frame is 14'x24'x10', pre-cut and pre-drilled, ready to assemble including quick connect wrench tool. Shipping Charges vary according to shipping address.

Hoop greenhouses and greenhouses kits save allot of time, money and energy.  These houses will assist in controlling the atmosphere such as temperature and moisture around your plants, allowing for faster and healthier plant growth.  These hoop house kits allow plants to grow and produce longer all year.  You do not need to know when it is planting time for a certain type of plant if you have the correct environment then the plant will grow.  Many people plant gardens at certain times of the year and we still find fresh vegetables or flowers all year round.  What makes that possible is the round hoop green houses kit or an A-frame house style greenhouse kit.  

Our hoop greenhouses kits are very affordable and out last our competitors.  They are made with the best quality poly material available.   All greenhouses kits will help control & stop diseases and insects from taking over your garden.  With the door's closed at night you won't have to worry about the wild animals eating your plants or stepping on top of them during the night time anymore.  Having plants in a hoop green house will keep your plants warm at night and stop the frost from killing certain plants.

Hoop Greenhouses are very easy to work with and make gardening more enjoyable.  They come in various sizes and are very roomy inside.  A hoop house green house  will protect you and your plants from outside elements that are uncontrollable and provide for longer growing seasons.  The round greenhouses is another name for the hoop greenhouses.  The unique round shape of the hoop green house will allow rain and snow to run off easier giving the greenhouse cover a longer life without sagging.

Before making a purchase you will want to already have a location in mind for your plants new home and the size that your garden will be.  These are two very important factors to consider.  You will always want to get a greenhouse kit that is two times the size of your garden.  This will allow you to have comfortable room inside after you have placed your greenhouse shelf or shelves, gardening tools, supplies and accessories.  As plants grow they will need the added space so they don't overcrowd each other or have to fight for food and nutrients from the earths soil. 

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