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2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bucket
2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bucket
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Kitchen Compost Bucket Eliminates Nasty Kitchen Odors


Make organic compost in your kitchen and never deal with all the horrible smells of rotten foods left over again.  These organic compost containers are small, attractive and will compliment your kitchen decor or any other room you put it in.  This 2.4 gallon kitchen compost bucket has activated carbon filters built in it so it will absorb all the odors before you or your guest have a chance to smell them.  Filter life is approximately 3 months.  You can change it at 3 months or wait till you get the slightest smell coming from the compost bucket before you change it.  Waiting will only extend the life of your filters a little and then you will have to change them for the odors to be absorbed again.  Some filters will last longer than 3 months and depends on how much you are using the compost bucket.

Compost Buckets

With this kitchen compost bucket you don't have to throw scraps outside daily anymore after you eat.  Place them in the compost bucket and make less trips to the outside composter or compost pile.  This will save you time and energy.  By placing it on your counter top next to your sink it will make it convenient and easy for you to place all the scraps from meals in the compost bucket before having to clean dishes.  It can also be conveniently placed under the counter tops or cabinets.   It truly is a must have for any gardener.

Clean up and keeping your compost bucket clean is easy with using soap and warm water.  There are plenty of uses for this handy little kitchen compost bucket.

It's small enough that you can take it along to parties, picnic's, reunions, family gatherings, and any other get togethers where there is food served.  After people eat just put the scraps in your compost bucket instead of putting the left over food in the trash cans.  You won't smell any odors and can be placed in your bigger compost pile or compost tumbler when you get home. 

  • Now just throw those left over table scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags and any other organic materials in your compost bucket with no odors lingering around your house.
  • Free pack of extra replacement filters, also available in 3 different size packs.
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Order your 2.4 Gallon Kitchen Compost Bucket today along with a Compost Tumbler

Size: 11" x 9" x 9" Space saver, attach to cabinets or set on counter tops
9.6 quarts Not bulky and heavy yet holds plenty of indoor food scraps and left overs
Features Benefits
Small Composter Conviently Fits On Top Or Underneath Of Counters, Small Enough To Fit Under Cabinets
Lightweight Easy To Carry Outside When Full
Attractive Design Adds To Kitchen Decor
A Three (3) Month Activated Carbon Filter Built In Easy to Replace and Controls Odors and Eliminates Horrible Nasty Smells
Inside Composter Saves Trips To Outside Composter, Usable Organic Compost In Three (3) Weeks
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