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High Quality Made Simple

Enagic prides itself as the GLOBAL LEADER in water ionization devices. In fact, Enagic single-handedly created the global market, and stands as the DOMINANT PLAYER.

Now, YOU too can take advantage of Enagic's respect for ultimate quality, matched with a simple and effective entry model into the delights of water ionization. Deliver fresh, crisp, healthy Kangen Water® at the push of a button with our all-new-designed Leveluk R model.

With three full-surface-area plates and a new color LCD panel to highlight the three water types, the R Model stands prepared to CHANGE YOUR LIFE by CHANGING YOUR WATER.

Finally Versatile Waters That Are Healthy For You And Your Plants

It's all about the water! This eco-friendly light-weight machine features a bright LCD screen that displays the water selection of your choice. The LeveLuk R generates:

  • 3 Kangen Water® Settings (pH 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5)
    Alkaline water for optimal hydration and quick absorption
  • Neutral Water (pH 7.0)
    Clean water free of chlorine, odor, rust, and impurities (these are found in our tap waters and bottled waters)
  • Acidic "Beauty" Water (pH 6.0)
Please view our video demo at Kangen Demo.

Warranty: 3-year

Optional / Replacement Parts

  • Standard water filter for chlorine removal:
  • High grade water filter for chlorine removal:
  • Glycerol-phosphate Acidic Calcium:
    3g x 12 packs/box
  • Cleaning filter:
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Sponsor/Distributor ID: 6803897
Sponsor/Distributor Name:  Darline Griffin
Sponsor/Distributor Email:  greenhousespecial@gmail.com

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Model Name & Number Anespa / ANSP-01
Water Source Connection Water supply plug closed type
Power Supply N / A
Power Consumption N / A
System Mineral ion water activator
Production rate (liter(s)/minute) 2.6 - 4.0
Level Selections N / A
Electrolysis Capability (continuous use) N / A
Cell cleaning method N / A
Applicable water quality and pressure
Electrolysis Enhancer N / A
Enhancer Refilling N / A
Protector Water Limiter
Electrode material N / A
Electrode plates 0
Water Filtering Benefits
Filtering Medium Granulated antibacterial activated carbon and calcium sulfite
Filtered Substances Sediment to 5 microns, Chlorine, taste and odor
Unremoved substances Metal ions and dissolved salts in the source water
Elements Not Removable Metallic ions and/or salinity present in original tap water
Time To Exchange The Filter When the filter has treated 1500 gallons of water (depends on quality of original tap water)
Warranty 3 Years
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